Ad Inside Weekly

Boost your brand with ‘Ad Insight Weekly,’ starting at just $500/month. Dive deep into data-driven marketing as we meet weekly to dissect your performance metrics, sculpt your target audience, and launch precision-targeted ads on Facebook and Google. Kick off with a daily ad budget of $5 on Facebook, a smart investment for initial testing and audience building. This package is your gateway to heightened awareness, refined by real data and strategic adjustments, ensuring your business not only gets noticed but truly resonates with your desired clientele.

Social Surge Weekly

Stay ahead with ‘Social Surge Weekly,’ yours for just $300/month. In the digital age, consistent, strategic content is key to winning the organic reach game. Simply supply the content, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are buzzing with activity all week long. This package is designed for those who understand the power of presence but need a professional touch to maximize their social media potential. Let us take the wheel, and watch your engagement soar.

AI Powered Calendar

Revolutionize your social presence with our ‘AI-Powered Content Calendar’ for just $400/month. Each week, we blend AI’s creativity with our strategic insight to design your next 7 days of social media messaging and visuals. This cutting-edge approach isn’t just theory; it’s the exact method we use to fuel our own brand. With this package, expect daily posts of engaging AI-generated content on both Facebook and Instagram, tailored to echo your brand’s voice and vision. Dive into the future of social media management, where personalized plans meet seamless execution.

Daily Clip Creator Pack

Keep your audience engaged with our ‘Daily Clip Creator Package,’ available for $1,000/month. Every week, our cameraman visits your location to capture 1 to 2 hours of compelling footage, tailored to your audience’s interests. We then expertly slice this footage into at least 14 captivating 30-second clips, ensuring you have fresh, valuable content to post every day on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This package is perfect for businesses or influencers looking to stay top-of-mind and drive continuous engagement with high-quality, relevant video content.

Tailored Content Strategy Session 

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our ‘Tailored Content Strategy Session.’ Recognizing that every brand’s needs are unique, we invite you to share your vision and objectives with us. This collaborative approach allows us to craft a bespoke content plan that aligns perfectly with your goals, whether it’s for engaging video content, compelling social media posts, or a mix of both. Following our consultation, we’ll provide a customized pricing plan that reflects the scope and scale of your desired content strategy. Let’s work together to create content that resonates, engages, and elevates your online presence.