Full Coverage Flash Drive

Capture every moment with Full Coverage for only $300! Enjoy comprehensive 4-hour event coverage by a professional photographer. The very next day, we’ll send you over 1000+ unedited photos, giving you full access to every captured memory. Perfect for those who want complete control over their event’s memories without the wait.

Elevated Memories

Immerse in the ‘Elevated Memories Package’ for a complete visual narrative of your event. For $600, a skilled photographer will blend into your event for 4 hours, ensuring every significant moment is captured. Post-event, you’ll receive a curated folder brimming with meticulously edited photos, highlighting the best shots that truly encapsulate the spirit of your occasion. Elevating the experience further, this package includes breathtaking aerial shots, adding a dramatic, bird’s-eye perspective to your collection.

Sky & Ground Full Show

Experience unparalleled coverage with our ‘Sky & Ground Full Day Spectacle’ package, priced at $2,000. Two professional photographers will be at your beck and call throughout the day, ensuring no moment is missed from any angle. Armed with two cameras and a state-of-the-art drone, our team promises to deliver an astounding collection of over 2,000 high-resolution photos, capturing the essence and energy of your event. As a bonus, you’ll receive captivating sample video footage, offering both earthbound and aerial perspectives, adding a dynamic layer to your event’s memories.

Ultimate Coverage Trio

Dive into the ‘Ultimate Coverage Trio’ package, your all-in-one solution for just $3,500. Our trio of professionals, equipped with advanced cameras, dedicate an entire day to capturing every aspect of your event, from intimate moments to grand panoramas, both on the ground and from the skies. The very next day, you’ll receive the entire suite of materials, including a specially curated selection of photos, each meticulously edited and color-corrected to perfection. Whether it’s photo or video you need, or a blend of both, this package ensures your memories are preserved with the utmost clarity and vibrancy.